Nosto is an AI-powered personalization solution for the world’s top eCommerce retailers. With Nosto, you can display the most relevant products across your shop, in real-time.



Nosto is an AI-powered personalization solution for the world’s top ecommerce retailers. Leveraging innovative and advanced machine learning, Nosto builds an unique understanding of customer base. This enables incredibly powerful predictive capabilities in real time, delivering increased customer engagement and increased revenues.

Top Products

Data-heavy Interfaces

At Nosto, I have been Lead Designer for many of the cutting-edge products launched during the past years, like segmentation and insights, onsite content personalization and split testing for ecommerce.

Often this means designing flows for merchants creating new personalization campaigns with Nosto admin user interface to deliver a personalized user experience for the end user and more revenue for the merchant.

The views designed are data-heavy and must be made scalable – Nosto has thousands of customers all over the globe.

Design System

New Design System and more

In addition, we implemented full redesign of the Nosto user interface with Nosto Design System. The design system is connected to the production – it significantly streamlined the design process and deploying. The design system is based on VueDS and published as private NPM package.

The Nosto design system made it significantly easier to deliver a consistent user experience in a faster develepment cycle.

Design System, Radio Box